‘Rumors’ Cast Announced

Director Michael Baker has announced the cast for Hanover Little Theatre’s upcoming production of Neil Simon’s Rumors. The show will run April 20-22, 26-29. Tickets will go on sale on March 20. Members can access their ticket vouchers now to reserve their seats.

All tickets will be $15 with no fees for tickets printed at home or bought at the door. There will be a $2 charge for all phone orders and a $1 charge for any tickets delivered through the mail. Our box office will be open the two weekends prior to Opening Night for ticket sales.

Just before his 10th wedding anniversary party, the Deputy Mayor of New York passes out from taking Valium after unsuccessfully trying to shoot himself in the head, and his wife is nowhere to be found. Their friends try to cover up the circumstances from arriving guests, but miscommunication and confusion fuel this farce.

Ken Gorman Quinton Laughman
Chris Gorman Vanessa Burke
Claire Ganz Deb Carson
Lenny Ganz Jeb Beard
Cookie Cusack Linda Fink
Ernie Cusack Kramer Hardman
Glenn Cooper Mark Franceschini
Cassie Cooper Megan Kitzmiller
Police Officer Nicole Merkel
Police Officer Shane Jacoby