In 1963, three giddy cheerleaders and the most popular girls in school, live in their world where nothing is more important than the next football game or being voted queen of the school dance. Joanne speaks for them all when she says: ‘’I can’t imagine life without cheerleading.’’ None of the girls knows a thing about football.

In 1968, college sorority sisters confront the uncertainty of life. Kathy will graduate to teach girls phys ed, Joanne will marry her high school sweetheart whom she followed to college, and free-spirited Mary plans to hitchhike through Europe.

Their reunion in 1974 shows that Joanne has changed very little. Her mantra is, “I always find it better not to think.” Kathy quit teaching. “I couldn’t teach my girls how to be peppy.” Mary owns a very successful high-end art gallery that specializes in erotic art. The girls quickly realize that times change. Friends, inseparable in high school and college, may have nothing to say to one another just a few years after graduation.

Directed by Jim Watson, the show ran April 19–22, 26–28, 2012. Mat Barninger served as assistant director.


Joanne: Erin DiNello
Mary: Lauren Swartz/Nikki Bull
Kathy: Ashley Roman


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